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Precision Wire offers 300 below Cryogenic Tempering, resulting in more durable, longer lasting metal products.

What is Cryogenic

Cryogenic tempering or “deep cryogenics” is a computer-controlled process during which a metal part such as a brake rotor or musical instrument is cooled to 300 degrees below zero then brought slowly back to room temperature. The cryogenic system changes the crystalline structure of the material which strengthens and extends the life of the part.

Advantages & Applications of Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic tempering has numerous advantages for any industry requiring the benefit of longer-lasting, more durable metal parts. It is especially helpful in industries with moving parts that experience a large number of cycles in daily operations. Below are some of the benefits and potential applications of cryogenically treated pieces:

  • Cryogenic tempering of brake rotors and pads increases brake life of up to 400%. This means shorter stopping distance, quieter operation, and safer driving

  • Highly durable gears and gearbox components – for example in Wind Turbines

  • Less maintenance required eliminates 2/3 of maintenance costs

  • Increased life in tooling – yielding more parts per tool

  • Longer life and increased quality for musical instruments – molecules more refined and uniform for better sound quality

For more information on Precision Wire EDM and what we can do for you, please call (616) 453-4360 or Contact Us Today!

Cryogenic Tempering

Precision Wire EDM’s Cryogenic Tempering Services can Extend Tool Life by up to 300%

Cryogenic cooling is a cost-effective method of extending the life of tooling or other parts that experience above-average use. It is also effective in preventing warping in firearms and improving tone in musical instruments. Most importantly, the added strength from cryogenic treatment can extend the life of the part by a huge margin – up to 300%!

Unique Cooling Method Eliminates Rust

Precision Wire EDM has a unique cryogenic system that controls the temperature not only when cooling, but also when bringing back to room temperature. This method eliminates uncontrolled temperature rises that cause condensation and rusting. Nitrogen is utilized to eliminate any water vapor that may form prior to re-opening the cryogenic oven door. Our nitrogen tank holds 800 gallons – we’ve never had a problem fitting even the largest pieces in our tank.

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