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CNC Milling

CNC Milling has a number of advantages over other manufacturing processes that make it a favorable choice for many applications. Aside from being efficient in terms of both time and money, it is very flexible in terms of production, with the ability to handle complicated shapes in many materials with consistent quality. In addition, the ability to produce with smooth finishes and high detail makes this manufacturing process all the more appealing for a variety of demands.

Precision Wire Offers:

  • Quick Turn Around

  • ISO Certified

  • High Quality


We specialize in Wire EDM Trim Steels!

  • Punches

  • Die Steels and Retainers

  • Other DIe Components

Advantages of
CNC Milling

  • Cost effective

  • Short lead times

  • Flexible production capability

  • Accurate and consistent production

  • Capable of asymmetrical output

  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials

  • Produces smooth surfaces

  • Capable of high detail

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