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Street Maintenance Equipment Products

Another industry that can benefit from longer-lasting, more durable parts is the fleet of street maintenance vehicles that goes out daily to keep our community clean and functioning. We offer cryogenic and design improvements that are perfect for:

  • Plow Blades/Plow Works

  • Curb Feelers - 6 part numbers

  • Manhole Cover Protectors

  • Street Cleaners and Curb Feelers (Contact us for information on our special design)

  • Front End Loader Parts

  • Sewage Grinders


We attached a curb guard on one of our trucks for half of last year. So far we haven't worn that curb guard out and it hasn't been flipped yet to use the other edges.  We are very satisfied! We're also going to start using the manhole protectors Precision Wire has developed as well!

Great product and fantastic service, I can honestly give Precision Wire my highest recommendations.


- Jeff Perrin

  Lead Mechanic

  Grandville Department of Public Works

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