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Service for Municipalities & Communities
Emergency Vehicle and Sewage Grinder Cryogenic Metal Treating

Providing improvements to emergency vehicles is one of our most satisfying jobs. We offer significant improvements that help to make emergency vehicles run better and last longer as well as improvements to extrication tools such as the “jaws of life.” Also in the area of public works, we help communities save maintenance costs by cryogenically treating sewage grinders and various other parts in water treatment facilities.

Cryogenically Strengthened Brakes and Rotors

Cryogenically treated brakes and rotors are safer, stronger and longer-lasting. With our proprietary process, we can extend the life of a brake rotor replacement up to three times the normal lifespan! Cryogenically treated rotors resist warping, cracking and fading - thus providing more reliable braking even under extreme circumstances. Perfect for any vehicle that demands reliability and safety:

"Every year we send our police cruisers to Grattan Raceway with new brakes and rotors, front and rear, only to see them barely last the day.  This year we had one car that was treated by Precision Wire's Cryogenics process. The car was at the track on April 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st.  When we brought the vehicle back to the motor pool we looked at the brakes...they were still like brand new! This car has been on the road for almost two weeks now, with no write-ups!" - Motor Pool Supervisor, May 2009

"As of May 19, 2009, the above-mentioned vehicle has not had a single work request for the brakes." - Motor Pool Supervisor, May 2009

Stronger, More Reliable Extrication Tools

We also offer cryogenic tempering for extrication tools. In life-threatening situations, a stronger and more reliable tool can make a big difference. From jaws of life tips to chainsaw blades/bars, Precision Wire EDM can make extrication tools last longer and perform better.

For more information on Precision Wire EDM and what we can do for you, please call (616) 453-4360 or Contact Us Today!

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