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EDM Small Hole Popping, Drilling and Tapping
EDM to Remove Broken Taps, Drills and Reamers

EDM hole drilling is perfect for making small holes in hard materials on location. It uses an electrical discharge to drill holes.

Precision Wire EDM offers EDM drilling and tapping that can fulfill a variety of needs. For example, if you have a hard block missing a tap, we can add it for you. Or, if you need ejector holes in a hardened punch, EDM tapping easily adds them.

Advantages of EDM Small Hole Drilling

A unique process that offers numerous advantages for any industry, EDM small hole popping is:

  • Capable of drilling start holes for Wire EDM.

  • Able to cut hole diameters from .012 to .258 with EDM drilling

  • Perfect for any size – travel of 16x40” on .0002 readouts

  • Can drill 12” deep from one side

For more information on Precision Wire EDM and what we can do for you, Please call (616) 453-4360 or Contact Us Today!

EDM Small Hole Popping Drill
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