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Precision Wire offers 300 below Cryogenic Tempering, resulting in more durable, longer lasting metal products.

Products for the Mold & Die Industry

Helping your Die Shop or Mold Shop Succeed

At Precision Wire EDM, we are familiar with the needs of many industries, including the Die and Mold industries. If your Die shop has need of emergency die buttons or a backing plate, we can help. Or, if you own a Mold Shop and are looking for support in mold building, we can help.  When you work with us, your injection molded products or die products become ours and we treat them with the same attention and care that we do our own.

When your customers want quality molding products, they come to you and when you need repair, parts, modifications or support for your Mold Shop, you can come to us. Some of the Tool & Die products we offer include:

Backing Plates

For fast delivery of burr-free, permanently marked backing plates, look no further than Precision Wire EDM! You can simply email us your order and have them shipped the next day. For an average 6" x 5 ¼" using 0-1 ground stock with the job, part number and detail numbers plus a logo laser etched on the surface of our material (see example below), we also offer next day delivery.

Mold plates


We offer shims made from blue tempered steel, mild steel or stainless steel that has been laser cut, water jet cut or wire burned. Let us know your preference and we can supply high-quality shims at a great price.

For more information on Precision Wire EDM and what we can do for you, please call (616) 453-4360 or Contact Us Today!

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