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What is Sinker EDM?

Sinker EDM (also called cavity type EDM, volume EDM or die-sinking EDM) is a method of electrical discharge machining that cuts out a shape. Our customers in the mold shops hire us to create keyways, hex shapes and taps for a mold or die. Sinker EDM is perfect for the tooling industry because it creates molds with smooth finishes and can cut intricate shapes.

However, EDM die-sinking can be applied to any industry that has a need for a high-quality finish in difficult-to-reach places. Because the metal never comes into contact with the tool, but only with the electrical sparks, delicate or thin material can be formed without damage.

Contact us with your specific questions on our EDM Sinking capabilities. Our thread size capabilities are:

Metric Sizes

Metric Sizes:

Metric Sizes

Don't see the size you're looking for? 
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Sinker EDM

Advantages of
EDM Sinking

EDM die-sinking can work for your industry because not only does it provide tight tolerances, high surface finish and a finished product with little or no burring, it also:

  • Can cut exotic materials

  • Cuts through hard materials

  • Requires little or no polishing after the process

  • Cuts thin or delicate material without damaging it

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