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24/7 Service and Long-Standing Industry Experience

Lasser Cutting Service
EDM Sinking Service
Watter Jet Cutting Service
EDM Small hole popping
Watter EDM Cutting Service
Cryogenic Tempering Service

24/7 Service and Long-Standing Industry Experience

Need it now? No problem. Precision Wire EDM has offered 24/7 service since opening in 1991 and has developed a reputation for honest, ethical business practices. This reputation is supported by the fact that our customer loyalty is among the best in the industry. We are proud to say we work with more than 200 current customers who have been with us for more than 10 years. With Precision Wire, you work with a partner - not just another vendor.

Precision Wire EDM

Although our services range from cryogenic tempering to EDM Manufacturing to laser cutting stripper plates, all have one thing in common: great quality and fast turnaround times! Our quality and turnaround times come from our continuous investment in the latest machinery (for example, our Dynamic Water Jet) and skilled workers with industry experience that help us provide professional services.

The latest technology

At Precision Wire, we use top-notch equipment operated by our certified technicians to guarantee high-quality service.

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